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Middle Tennessee Chiropractic and Sports Injury, PLLC is dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal health by providing a patient-centered treatment approach for individuals of all ages.

There are many aspects of an individual’s personal and medical history that are taken into consideration when determining the cause of dysfunction. These include determining which joints in the body are not functioning properly, what muscle imbalances and weaknesses are present and what nutritional deficiencies may exist. These are all significant factors when dealing with pain, injury, and decreased performance.

After a thorough examination, a treatment plan will be created, based on each person’s unique situation. Chiropractic manipulations and mobilizations are applied to stiff joints in the spine and extremities to improve mobility and reduce pain.  Soft tissue treatments consisting of myofascial release and other manual therapies are used to address muscle tension in order to restore range of motion and reduce discomfort. Functional rehabilitation techniques are used to restore muscular endurance and proper movement patterns to help address current complaints and to prevent future problems. Most importantly, well-supported advice is given to all patients so they can better understand their chief complaint, how our office can help them and what they can do to help themselves.

If you are suffering from a new injury, an old injury or you are looking for a second opinion regarding your condition, Dr. Elson wants to provide you with honest answers to your questions and suggest the best therapy to help you feel better. Call to schedule an appointment today. 615-776-PAIN


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